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Breakaway Techniques Training DVD

**Breakaway Techniques Training DVD** ***Are you a practicing nurse or carer?*** ...then this DVD course on Breakaway Training is for you. Organisations have a 'duty of care' towards residents, patients as well as employees so nursing and care staff need knowledge in breakaway techniques. ***What are Breakaway Training Techniques?*** These are the practical skills and evasive techniques needed to ensure that both you and your client are kept as safe as possible in a physical assault situation ***Why are Breakaway Techniques Needed?*** If one of your staff is assaulted they might be injured, with the risk of being unable to continue with work. If untrained staff respond to an assault in an improper manner may lead to the aggressor being injured. This could lead to legal action against you and your organisation. ***How Does This Breakaway DVD Help You?*** The two DVD program presents an introduction to the breakaway training method. It will lead you step by step through the theory of interpersonal safety and the practical skills that you need to remove yourself from the following types of assault: Kicks / Hand Grabs / Clothing Grabs / Grabs from behind / Bear-hugs /Hair Pulling / Strangles and Chokes / Biting / Scratching and Clawing ***Benefits of this DVD*** * Increases your staff knowledge in breakaway techniques greatly increases the chances of bringing an aggressive situation to a harmless outcome * Breakaway techniques increase the chances of you and the person assaulting you to be kept safe and unharmed * Breakaway training is an investment in the safety and protection of your staff, residents and patients **Approximate Running Time 90 minutes**

All workplace staff need to receive health and safety training so they can understand their responsibilities. Although this is a legal requirement, the cost of classroom health and safety training may not be necessary and therefore avoided. The safety training video is ideal for subjects like manual handling and office safety and is perfect for getting the best out of your health and safety training budgets.

Health and safety videos and DVDs can be used on their own or can compliment in-house health and safety training programmes. Safety training sessions can be delivered quickly and easily with 10-25 minutes, keeping health and safety training costs low by utilising these reusable training materials. By incorporating health & safety training regimes around safety videos and DVDs, the safety message is often clearer and easier to understand!