The Office Safety Company

Fire Safety Pack (including log book)

**Fire Safety Log Book Pack** * 1 x Fire Safety Log Book * 1 x Fire Safety Essentials Poster * 10 x Fire safety Booklets. **1x Fire Safety Log Book** This log book contains more than just fire safety forms. It also contains easy to follow instructions on how to manage fire safety effectively. * Explanation of the new regulations * A guide to fire risk assessments * Fire Safety Checklist + self audit * Log sheets on maintenance of extinguishers / alarms etc * Employee fire safety training record sheets * Useful Reference Information **1 x Fire Safety Essentials Poster** Full colour A2 poster summarising, preventing a fire starting, evacuation procedures, do's and don'ts in a fire situation and tackling small fires **5 x Fire Safety Essentials Booklet** * Easy to read full colour A5 booklet * Contains essential information on: How Fires Start; Preventing a Fire Starting and Spreading; Evacuation Procedures; Tackling Small Fires; Fire Safety Checklist; Fire Safety legislation. * Includes a questionnaire, and certificate