The Office Safety Company

Fire Safety Pack (including log book)

Fire Safety Log Book Pack

  • 1 x Fire Safety Log Book
  • 1 x Fire Safety Essentials Poster
  • 10 x Fire safety Booklets.

1x Fire Safety Log Book

This log book contains more than just fire safety forms. It also contains easy to follow instructions on how to manage fire safety effectively.

  • Explanation of the new regulations
  • A guide to fire risk assessments
  • Fire Safety Checklist + self audit
  • Log sheets on maintenance of extinguishers / alarms etc
  • Employee fire safety training record sheets
  • Useful Reference Information

1 x Fire Safety Essentials Poster

Full colour A2 poster summarising, preventing a fire starting, evacuation procedures, do’s and don’ts in a fire situation and tackling small fires

5 x Fire Safety Essentials Booklet

  • Easy to read full colour A5 booklet
  • Contains essential information on: How Fires Start; Preventing a Fire Starting and Spreading; Evacuation Procedures; Tackling Small Fires; Fire Safety Checklist; Fire Safety legislation.
  • Includes a questionnaire, and certificate