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People Moving and Handling DVD

**People Moving and Handling DVD** This superb DVD is suitable for anyone working in any organisation (healthcare or otherwise) where moving people is part of their work. This title will show you how to move and handle people with minimal effort, greater comfort and dignity (with and without the use of equipment!). It will also ensure that you look after your back and that of patients or residents. The DVD also provides professional and engaging content that's split into manageable modules that are easy to understand. **Contents:** * Anatomy and role of the spine * Bio-mechanics * Controversial Lifting Techniques * Ability Testing * Simple handling techniques * Chair moves * Bed moves * Hoisting * Stand Aid * Slings * Slide Sheets and Rolling a Resident * The Fallen Client * The Uncompliant Resident ***Total Running Time = 1 hour 15 Minutes***

Manual Handling Requirements

Employers have a duty to provide manual handling training courses to their staff. Manual handling training is a legal requirement of the Manual Handling Regulations which is the main source of health & safety regulation for lifting & carrying loads at work. Manoeuvres that involve lifting, pushing, pulling and twisting are referred to as health and safety manual handling tasks. Below are some points that are found in our manual handling training materials:

Anyone who has to perform manual handling or move items in their workplace wherever they work has the right to be trained in Manual Handling. Manual handling training should cover:-

  1. Knowledge of manual handling for responsibilities of managers/supervisors.
  2. An understanding of manual handling law and manual handling risk assessments and the first principles of manual handling weight guidelines.
  3. An understanding of the basic structure of the spine and injuries that can occur through poor manual handling practices.
  4. Moving inanimate objects, pushing and pulling techniques and approaching manual handling as a team.