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Safety Facts

Official HSE figures for the UK show that there were over 40 million working days lost due to work-related ill health and injuries in the workplace between 2000 and 2002.

Survey Period Reason for days lost Days Lost (Thousands)
2001/02 Work-related ill health 32,906
Musculoskeletal Disorders 12,276
Stress, Depression, Anxiety 13,401
2000/01 Workplace injuries 7,257
Total 2001/02 40,163

Serious injuries at work include fractures, amputations, dislocations, spinal injuries or other injuries leading to resuscitation or 24 hour admittance to hospital. The main causes for injuries in the office environment can be attributed to the following:

Causes of serious injury at work
Slips Trips & Falls 45%
Fall From a Height 25%
Struck by a Moving Object 10%
Lifting & Carrying 8%
Causes of injury at Work leading to more than 3 days absence
Lifting & Carrying 35%
Slips Trips & Falls 25%
Fall From a Height 13%
Struck by a Moving Object 13%

Source — British Safety Council

There were a total of 154,810 recorded injuries in the workplace 2001/2002 in the UK according to official HSE figures.

Type of injury Number of Injuries
Injuries resulting in over 3 days absence 127,084
Serious Injuries 27,477
Fatal Injuries 249
Total 2001/02 154,810

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