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Technical FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked technical questions. If you don’t find an answer to your problem here you can contact us.

This website has been tested with all modern browsers on PC, Mac and Linux. You shouldn’t have any problems if you’re using any of these browsers: Internet Explorer 5 and above, Netscape 6 and above, Mozilla 1 and above, Mozilla Firefox 1 and above, Opera 7 and above, Safari 1.2 and above.

In older browsers it might not look perfect, but you should still be able to get at all the content.

We recommend viewing the site is Mozilla Firefox which you can download for free here.

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To use the shopping basket you need to have cookies enabled in your web browser. A cookie is a little file stored on your computer that allows our server to keep track of what you’ve added to your basket.

You shouldn’t have any problems if your web browser is configured with the default settings. If you’re having problems, here’s how to make sure cookies are enabled in Internet Explorer:

  • From the top menu go to Tools and select Internet Options
  • Click on the Privacy tab and click the button Advanced
  • If the privacy setting is High, click the button Advanced, tick the box that says Override automatic cookie handling then tick the box that says Always allow session cookies
  • If the privacy setting is medium you shouldn’t really be having any problems, but to be sure click the button Advanced. If the Override automatic cookie handling is ticked, make sure that Always allow session cookies is also checked

For the technically minded of you out there, we do provide a compact privacy policy. This is a machine readable privacy policy that web browsers can look at to see what we do with your information. This means that a web browser should never refuse a cookie unless you’ve explicitly chosen to disable them. For more information see our privacy policy.

If for any reason you can’t use cookies at all, please contact us and we’ll take your order by some other means.

There are a number of reasons why this might happen. If you’re not sure if your order completed correctly please contact us at the order enquiries email and we’ll let you know if the order was successfully completed or not.

If you chose to register with us when you made the order you can always check the status of the order on your account page.

Go to your account. Enter your email address and a new password will be randomly generated and sent to you by email. You can then login with that password.

We strongly recommend that you change this password as soon as possible. If someone else is able to view or intercept your email they’ll know your password!

Please note we will not be able to recover your original password. This is because we only store passwords in an encrypted form to help protect your security.

You need to have Javascript enabled to log-in to your account. This is used to encrypt your password for extra security.

If you are unable to use javascript please contact us and we’ll endeavour to assist you.