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Accessibility Statement

If you have any questions or comments about the accessibility of this site please contact us.


Access Keys

Most browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the web site. On Windows, you can press ALT + an access key; on Macintosh, you can press CTRL + an access key. The following access keys are available throughout The Office Safety Company’s website:

Access Key 0
Accessibility information
Access Key 1
Home page
Access Key 9
Contact information

Standards Compliance

All pages are Bobby A approved, complying with all priority 1 guidelines of the W3 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and with the U.S. Federal Government Section 508 Guidelines.

All pages validate as HTML 4 strict.

Navigation Aids

All the pages in the shop section have “next” and “previous” links to aid navigation through categories in text-only browsers. Mozilla users can also take advantage of this feature by selecting the View menu, Show/Hide, Site Navigation Bar, Show Only As Needed (or Show Always). Opera 7 has similar functionality.

All pages contain a search form (access key 4).


Many links have title attributes which describe the link in greater detail, unless the text of the link already fully describes the target (such as the headline of an article).

No “javascript:” pseudo-links are used. All links can be followed in any browser even if javascript is switched off.

Visual Design

All parts of the site use Cascading Style Sheets for visual layout and design. If your browser does not support stylesheets all pages should still be readable.

Text is sized relatively, so it’s possible to adjust the text size to your needs. To adjust the text size in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firebird go to the View menu and select Text Size.

Apart from the home page, all pages have a “liquid” layout, meaning they scale to the size of your browser window. They should be readable at any size, but for maximum clarity we recommend a minimum screen resolution of 800x600.


All images contain descriptive alternate (ALT) attributes.


Javascript is required for users who wish to register. This is because when you log-in to your account the password is encrypted using javascript before it is sent across the network. This is intended to help keep your password secure.

You are not required to register to access any part of the site or purchase products.

More Help with Accessibility

This statement was adapted from the accessibility statement at Mark Pilgrim’s Dive into Mark. He is also the author of Dive into Accessibility which provides further help and references regarding accessibility on the web.