The Office Safety Company

About Us

The Office Safety Company provides a one stop shop for all personnel who have the responsibility for sourcing health and safety solutions for the office.

The Office Safety Company is a web-based company with few overhead costs. This allows us to offer you some of the lowest prices on some of the best health and safety products in the market.

The Office Safety Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Health & Safety Group Ltd.

Your challenges

The number of accidents in offices are rising year on year and ‘no win no fee’ litigation cases are on a rapid increase.

Unless you carry out the appropriate risk assessments and provide the right office safety training, action could be taken against you if an accident does occur in the office.

Employers have a ‘legal duty of care’ to look after the welfare of office staff and the cost of not doing so could be a criminal record and fines of up to £5,000.

Legal action can be taken out on both the company and on the management or directors as individuals.

You and us working together

You don’t need expensive consultants to visit your sites, The Office Safety Company provides everything you need to complete your office safety risk assessments and meet all your health and safety training needs.

As well as covering yourself legally, providing a safe office environment provides great benefits that reach all those who work for you

Providing effective workplace health and safety sends a strong message to your staff that they are valued highly by you and the company.